The Company Culture of Brunner Tool and Repair LLC

The Company Culture of Brunner Tool and Repair LLC

At Brunner Tool and Repair, our Company Culture is comprised of three essential parts: Our Vision, Our Mission, and Our Values. Between those three, they pretty much tell the whole story.

If someone were to ask, “What’s it like to work at Brunner Tool and Repair?” this would give them a small sampling of what we’re like as a team. If someone wanted to know what it’s like to be a customer, this would let them know how they can expect to be treated.

That said,

A Company’s Vision paints a picture of what they’re attempting to accomplish. Our Vision is to be the most customer-oriented, best technically-trained, and most preferred equipment dealership in North East Ohio. This is where we’re going, and this is what it will look like when we get there.

A Company’s Mission tells people how they’re going to do it. Our Mission is to solve the pressure washing equipment problems for the businesses of North East Ohio by providing them with the service, parts, and equipment that they need. This is the work that we actually do.

A Company’s Values describe the things that they find to be notable and very important. Our Values include:

PEOPLE, the customers, employees, suppliers, and anyone else who connects with us in any way. At the end of the day, we’re solving problems for some person somewhere.

CHARACTER, the sum total of someone’s positive mental, ethical and moral qualities that make them somebody that we want to hang out with or do business with. People want to be around us because of our character.

INTEGRITY, the extent to which we apply these positive qualities to our own life.

TEAMWORK, cohesive cooperation, and communication.

EFFICIENCY, maximizing the use of all our resources (specifically labor, capital, the environment, and equipment) as a means to increase our productivity.

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