Summer is the Best Time to Pressure Wash

June 2, 2021

Summer is right around the corner here in Ohio! The sun is back, the birds are singing, and it is time to get out the power washer! With summer comes summer chores; cutting the grass, trimming hedges, pulling weeds, and pressure washing comes to mind. After the harsh winter and pollen-filled spring, the surfaces of your home and around your home are ready for a wash. It is also time to start getting ready for summer get-togethers and barbeques; make sure your pressure washer is up and running! Here are a few reasons why summertime is the best time to get your pressure washing done. 


There is no better weather to be doing outdoor chores in than the summer. You are able to stand outside comfortably and get the job done. Not only does it feel nicer, but there are more sunny hours in the day! With the sun rising earlier and setting later during the summer season, you have more time in the day to complete your power washing project. A project that may have taken 3 days to complete in the spring could only take you one full day to take on this summer!

Mold Removal

The wetness of springtime rain and air combined with the heat of summer create the perfect growing environment for mold and mildew. Not only is it unpleasant to look at, but can be dangerous if left untreated. Now is the time to pressure wash away any visible signs of mold or mildew from your deck, pathways, and exterior of your home.

Long-Lasting Results

Because of the nice weather during the summertime, the results of your pressure wash last much longer than they would during the other seasons. During fall you can power wash and be full of leaves the next day. In spring you may pressure wash and see pollen everywhere in 5 minutes. Wintertime is so unexpected in regards to weather and you could be pressure washing and get stuck in the snow. This is why pressure washing in the summer brings much better, longer-lasting results. 

Brunner Tool and Repair

As pressure washer experts, we know how great the summer is to get your pressure washing done! If you need some assistance with getting your pressure washer ready for the season, our professionals can help with any problem and any pressure washer. Give us a call today!

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