September 29, 2021

Wouldn’t it be nice to maintain a clean home exterior? Leaving your home sparkling and attractive to neighbors and passersby speaks a lot about you. It shows you appreciate a healthy environment by giving no room for mold and dirt in your surroundings. Now the big question is, how do you get your home cleaned? This is achievable with either soft washing or pressure washing. 

Let’s take you through how both of them work.

Fundamentals of Soft and Pressure Washing

Soft and pressure washing are home cleaning methods applied to remove dirt on home surfaces and other valuable properties. They are types of power washing suitable for washing your home exterior. However, it is worth pointing out that they work differently to achieve the same results. It’s evident that you need water for both techniques, but at different temperatures.

What Differentiates Soft Washing from Power Washing?

Having discussed what the washing methods have in common, it would be cool to learn about their distinct functions;

  • Pressure Washing

This washing technique deals with the blasting of water to home surface areas to remove dirt. It uses pressurized water to force dirt and grime off nooks and crannies challenging to penetrate. As effective as it may be, it could damage fragile materials in your home.

However, it is the best method to get rid of loose paint or stubborn stains, especially when you plan to replace a surface entirely with something different. Wrong application of pressure washing can lead to severe damage.

Conditions to apply pressure washing include:

    • Stubborn loose paint on woods
    • Tough stains on concrete, pavement, and other hard surfaces
    • Durable surfaces, such as walkways and driveways.
  • Soft Washing

This type of washing does not require much pressure; instead, water sprays to the surface softly. This is a low-pressure wash using tools like a hose to wash vulnerable surfaces or properties. Soft washing comes in handy to clean mold, dirt, and other contaminants. It also applies to softwood as opposed to hardwood, which requires highly pressurized water.

Soft washing is the best method to clean areas like the roof, fence, deck, and siding with an assurance that you won’t destroy them. It offers a long-lasting effect with the aid of the anti-bacterial components included in the mixture. However, it requires the expertise of a professional to get the best result out of the method.

Conditions where soft washing is applicable;

  • Newer concrete less than three years
  • Remove mold and dirt
  • Get rid of contaminants
  • Cleaning of standard surfaces
  • Suitable for softwoods and furniture

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