April 28, 2021

Pressure washers are not tools that should be used without proper knowledge of use. The pressure of the water that comes from these machines is powerful enough to break through the skin and cause serious damage wherever it comes into contact. Thankfully, these injuries are completely avoidable with proper training and knowledge. Here are a few pressure washer tips to ensure safe use. 

Never Aim Nozzle at Anyone

It is imperative that your pressure washer stays aimed at the area that you are working on. Even if you know it is off and not running, it is still important not to take any chances. Keep your washer aimed at the surface and away from anyone at all times. 

Safety Gear

When you are using your pressure washer, make sure that you are dressed in proper safety garb. Most injuries from pressure washer accidents result from wearing improper clothing. 

  • Boots: Never wear open-toed shoes or short sneakers. It is important to be wearing strong, protective boots. The pressure is strong enough to rip through rubber boots and traditional shoe material. 
  • Long pants: Do not ever wear pants that expose any part of your skin when working with a pressure washer. Not only is it dangerous to be exposed to the pressure, but there is always debris when you are washing any surface. This debris is flying at you at an incredibly fast speed, making it absolutely necessary that your legs are completely covered.
  • Safety goggles: The same debris that will impale your legs if they are exposed, can also get into your eyes if you are not wearing protective goggles or glasses. Never work with a pressure washer without the use of safety goggles. 

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

It is critical to be aware of everything around you that will be near your pressure washer. Make sure you know of any electrical outlets, power lines, or wires around as water and electricity do not mix. Also, be sure to be cautious of any obstacles that could be damaged by your washer including things like windows and cars. The obvious thing to look out for is people and pets, as they could get seriously injured. 

Brunner Tool and Repair

We are a team of power washer experts at Brunner Tool and Repair. We know how crucial it is to take the proper precautions when it comes to operating your power washer. For any questions or concerns regarding power washing and power washer repair, feel free to contact us today!

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