Pressure Washer Services in Canton, OH

Pressure Washer Services in Canton, OH

As we all know, pressure washers are incredibly powerful machines that can clean any surface thoroughly and leave a result that is long-lasting and clear of any noticeable debris. Like any other machine that is used for deep cleaning, a pressure washer can undergo wear and tear as a result of frequent use from long projects. Brunner Tool and Repair welcomes independent contractors and companies in the Greater Canton, OH area to come to us for servicing on pressure washers, heaters, and generators. Contact us today to get started!

Pressure Washer Servicing in Canton, OH

As a pressure washer service place and dealership, we provide a number of services that can help your unit run as smoothly as it did when you first received it. We’ll be sure to thoroughly inspect it before we begin the process of working on your machine. Some of the services we provide to a pressure washer include, but are not exclusive to,

  • Engine service
  • Burner service
  • Equipment winterizing 
  • Tank service 

Mobile Pressure Washing Services in Canton, OH

At Brunner Tool and Repair, we’re all about helping out our customers and making the experience as smooth as possible for our customer base. That’s why we offer the option to come to YOU! Yes, you read that correctly, Brunner Tool and Repair’s team of knowledgeable experts will come to your site and provide our services onsite, where it is most convenient for you. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver high-quality customer service as well as our pressure washing services. 

We’ve repaired and helped service some of the most well-established brands in the industry, including 

  • Alkota
  • CamSpray
  • Mi-Ti-M
  • Pressure Pro 
  • Whitco 

Contact Brunner Tool and Repair 

You can count on Brunner Tool and Repair’s factory-trained technicians for a well-done, timely, and efficient job when you decide to work with us. We’ll be sure to go above and beyond when we take on your pressure washer, generator, and heater for services. Give us a call today at 330-546-0828. We look forward to giving you excellent service. 


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