Pressure Washer Services in Akron, OH

Pressure Washer Services in Akron, OH

Located in the Great Lakes region, Akron, Ohio is the fifth-largest city in Ohio with a population of over 197,000. Founded in the early 1800s, the city is filled with history and remains a charming city with stunning architecture both old and new. As home to over 80,000 households and 47,000 families in the city, we know that there is a need for pressure washer services in Akron. 

Pressure Washer Servicing in Akron, OH

The expert team at Brunner Tool And Repair specializes in everything pressure washers; from servicing and repairing to building a custom unit. When you come to us with your pressure washer needs, you can be assured that we will extensively inspect and diagnose your machine before performing the necessary repairs. Our pressure washer services include: 

  • Engine service
  • Tank service
  • General Pressure Washer Care & Maintenance
  • Emergency Repair Service
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • & More!

We are able to service an extensive list of pressure washer brands including:

  • Alkota
  • CamSpray
  • Mi-Ti-M
  • Pressure Pro 
  • Whitco 

Mobile Pressure Washer Services in Akron, OH

Mobile services are available at Brunner Tool And Repair! We take pride in assuring that our services are accessible and an enjoyable experience. That is why we will come to you for your pressure washer servicing needs! 

Brunner Tool And Repair

You can depend on the expert team at Brunner Tool And Repair for any and all pressure washer needs. We are proud to provide quality, trustworthy services to all of Akron. For any questions or to set up a service, give us a call today at 330-546-0828!

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