October 4, 2021

If you’ve recently been gifted a pressure washer or finally purchased the one you’ve had your eye on for a while, you might notice that there are several nozzle options available. So how do you know which one is right for the task at hand? We’ve gathered a few simple tips and tidbits that will help you have safe, effective fun with your pressure washer. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know:

Why You Need the Right Nozzle

Your pressure washer probably came with a few nozzles, or you’ve seen different varieties online or in a shop. But why can’t you just choose any nozzle and start your project right away? It’ll surely get clean regardless, right?


Well, if you put on the wrong nozzle, you could o more than just remove the dirt. You could even remove paint, damaged wood, add dents, or go right through the material you’re cleaning. Selecting the proper pressure washer nozzle means you get the clean you’re looking for without risk to your items. See below for the most common types of nozzles and how to use them. 


A zero-degree nozzle allows the water to exit without any angle change. Instead of a spray, you’ll see a stream of water coming out of the nozzle. Because the water comes out through such a directed stream, the force is very high, and the diameter of the wash area is very small, usually around the size of a quarter. 

These nozzles are usually red-colored and aren’t used very often. Not only would it take too long to clean a large item because of the small jet diameter, but the force may damage the surface of the item. Held at the right distance, they may be useful for removing caked-on rust or stains on concrete. 


Usually yellow, this nozzle tip is for medium stripping needs. It’s ideal for prepping wood or metal for a new coat of paint. It’s also great for removing hard dirt and mud from vehicles like dirt bikes, four-wheelers, and pickup trucks. 

Use this nozzle sparingly for removing really stuck-on materials on items that can hold up to the pressure. 


This nozzle is the most-used nozzle, and it has tons of applications around the home. Typically, the nozzle is green and will come with most new pressure washers. The angle is slightly wider but still has powerful force behind the spray, so it’s ideal for cleaning off driveways, patio furniture, and fences more quickly and efficiently. 


Thanks to its wider angle, the 40-degree white nozzle tip offers a much gentler spray than the smaller degrees. This lower pressure dispersed over a wider area makes the white nozzle an excellent choice for delicate surfaces with stuck-on grime, like windows. 


Also known as a soap nozzle, this tip is usually black and has the widest available angle. These nozzles are created in a way that allows for special detergent to be added to the line so you can soap down the area you’re cleaning. This is useful for very hard-to-clean items or especially tough mildew, mold, or dirt. 


Using a pressure washer to get your footpath, patio, fence, or anything else as good as new is fun, but it’s also challenging to know which nozzle to choose for a specific job. For professional guidance and assistance on tackling your pressure washing project, contact the pressure washer experts at Brunner Tool and Repair. We have the know-how and all of the accessories you’ll need for any project! Give us a call today for expert advice or to schedule a service! 

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