Portable Pressure Washer

BE Portable Pressure Washer


Past Project: Portable Pressure Washer

Symptom: Customer had water leaking everywhere

Solution: Some problems just aren't very hard to find. Yes, the sliced and disconnected hose on the right is what we found. Also the angled hose barb fitting was loose.

Stationary Pressure Washer

VNG/Landa Stationary Pressure Washer

Repairs and PM

Wash Bay

Water Line Replacement

Past Project: Stationary Pressure Washer

Initial Symptom: Runs for 10 minutes then shuts down. The equipment hadn't been serviced in quite some time. 

Secondary Symptom: After the equipment was running properly, it was identified that the supply plumbing to the pressure washer and the pressure lines out to the Wash Bay had internal corrosion. 

Solution: Replace the Overload Relay, the Contactor and the Unloader. 

Secondary Solution: Remove galvanized pipe and install stainless steel pipe throughout system. 

RV Generator

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Generac RV Generator

Repairs and PM

Past Project: RV Generator

Symptom:  Cranks but does not start. Ran properly end of last season ...Fall.

Solution: Remove Unit from Motorhome. Service Fuel system. Re-install.

Combo - Air Compressor / Generator

Speedaire Combo - Air Compressor / Generator


Symptom: The safety valve opens upon full tank pressure.

When doing the initial intake testing, we found that the 120 Volt generator was creating 224 Volts AC and the engine was over-revving at 5500 RPMs.

The initial suspicion was a failed governor system. Upon closer inspection inside the engine of the crankshaft and governor, we found that the crankshaft has been weakened by excessive heat and the connecting rod bearing is failing as well. 

Final problem: Locked throttle plate in the carburetor. Failed Pilot Valve.

Air Compressor

Speedaire Air Compressor


Symptom: Does not build pressure.

Recoil starter is missing.

Solution: Replace Start Assembly .

Replace Pilot Valve.