Paul W. Brunner

Owner, Brunner Tool AND Repair

Founded in 2006, the business was established by Paul W Brunner, who proudly has roots that go back to Austria, Germany and Ireland.

As a second-generation American on his father’s side, Paul inherited his passion for precision manufacturing and metalworking from his paternal forefathers. He has also proudly continued the Brunner legacy of Military Service; his father, Lawrence J Brunner Sr, is a WWII US Navy veteran.
As a fifth-generation American on his mother’s side, Paul inherited his passion for business from his maternal grandfather. Walter Albert Backus was a WWI US Army veteran and successful businessman. He owned a Sweet Shop, a Restaurant and a Grocery Store in southern Minnesota.

Paul has been trained in Automotive Mechanics, Aircraft Mechanics, Welding and Blacksmithing. He has served honorably in the US Marine Corps and has worked in the fields of Service, Manufacturing and Sales. As a constant tinkerer and amateur inventor, he now brings it all together at Brunner Tool and Repair.

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