November 2, 2021

Often, drainage pipes get blocked by debris, tree roots, pieces of hair, and rocks. The standard method uses a mechanical drain called a snake (a long rod) to push out the blockages. However, this method is not entirely effective in getting all the jam from drain pipes. Sometimes, a mechanical drain can cause damage to drain lines.

On the other hand, hydro jetting is a much better option. It is pretty safe and effective for cleaning pipes and removing blockages.

How does Hydro Jetting work?

Usually, a special hose with a nozzle is connected to a jet machine. The machine shoots water through the hose at a very high force. The force of the water is what pushes out debris, dirt, and other objects that might be obstructing a sewer system.


Unlike a mechanical drain, experts usually insert cameras to inspect the condition of a drain before hydro jetting takes place. This allows the plumber to direct the hose to the blocked pipes. In addition, the use of water helps to ensure that the lines will be washed out of grime, dust, and dirt in general. So, apart from debris-free drains, you will also have clean smelling drains.

Why You Should Choose Hydro Jetting

  • It is precise

When performed by an expert, hydro jetting is a method that allows for precise unclogging. This means that your plumber does not have to dig around your drainage systems or cause further damage. Instead, he can inspect the pipes and blast the water directly at any blockage.

  • It provides thorough cleaning for pipes.

Most cleaning methods only clear away blockages. When you use a hydro jetting machine, the force of the water cleanses the interior of your pipes. That means they get a good wash and smell better.

  • It is cost-efficient

Pipes often stay clean for longer after a hydro jet cleaning. So, instead of paying to have constant mechanical draining, you can schedule occasional hydro jetting to keep your sewers unclogged.


Jetting is an important measure to take for both commercial businesses, restaurant owners, and homeowners. It is essential to note that the hydro jetting method is a technical procedure. So, it is not safe to try to undertake it without professional help. You could cause more damage to your drainage. Instead, you should consult experts. 

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